Provest (Провест)

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Телефон: 0121 445 0079

Адрес: 1st Floor, 18-20 Hewell Road, Barnt Green, Birmingham, B45 8NE

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Unique, personal, experienced

Why do you care about your finances? Why do you worry about them? Why is money important to you?

We provide a lifestyle financial planning and wealth management service that focuses on you and what’s important to you, so your wealth works for you and what you want to do with your life.

We’ve been creating these ideal futures for clients for 15 years and our team has been involved in financial services for even longer than that. We delivered lifestyle financial planning before ‘lifestyle financial planning’ was even a concept and, over time, we’ve adapted our processes and structure to deliver the very best outcomes for you, our clients.

We believe that whilst experience is one thing, knowing we’re ahead of current standards is another. That’s why we hold certified planning status, but more than that, we also hold the British Standard for financial planning (BS8577) and the ISO for personal financial planning (ISO:22222). This means we bring our history and knowledge alongside modern approaches and the very best in practice.

Along the way we’ve changed things a bit. In fact: we often tell clients that yes, we help with death and taxes, the two inevitabilities, but there’s a third inevitability: change.

That’s why we don’t carry out the standard annual meeting with our clients, because we’ve found that’s not often enough to keep up with change. Instead, we’ll meet with you, online or in person, to see what’s changed and how your plans have progressed.

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