NTFX Capital LTD (НТФХ Капитал ЛТД) https://ntfxpro.com

Официальный сайт: https://ntfxpro.com

Телефон: +357-25-281-889

Адрес: 3101, Griva Digeni street, 105, office 101, Limassol, Cyprus

О компании

NTFX Capital Ltd. (“NTFX”) is an international broker in the FOREX market, providing its services to both private and institutional clients. The company’s activities are regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Comission (CySEC). We offer a wide range of trading instruments, platforms and account types in order to satisfy all of our clients’ requirements. The use of innovative IT-technologies together with strict regulation allows for the highest level of security and sustainability of our business.

Trading with the regulated broker

Our company is licensed by CySEC and follows strict regulations. One of these important regulations is the segregation of accounts with the goal of separation of company’s own funds and those of clients, which helps protecting clients’ funds and their best interests.

Popular trading platforms, MT4 and MT5

MetaTrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are some of the most popular trading terminals in the world. Our employees possess great experience with these platforms and are able to answer all the questions that may arise.

Aggregated liquidity flow

NTFX is connected with the large number of liquidity providers pooled together by the aggregator. Such type of solution guarantees order execution at current prices and minimal percentage of requotes.

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