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Адрес: St Dunstans Street, WATERLOO CROSS EX15 6BZ United Kingdom

О компании

Our people are our most valuable assets

The Group’s team of executives have extensive investment, and operational experience in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. The Group’s broad base of strategic commercial relationships and highly experienced professionals, and more importantly its focus, allow it to add value to its businesses and investments.

There is no substitute for local knowledge. This is why we have one of the largest and most experienced analyst benches in the world, with one-third of our team working as fixed-income analysts. Our aim is to build a concentrated, benchmark-agnostic portfolio of investments that meet both our qualitative and valuation criteria and, importantly, adhere to our risk parameters.

Maza Profit primarily invests in a private capacity. But it also provides investment and asset management services to institutional and high net worth investors seeking to co-invest into some of the company’s private investment opportunities. We are a global trading and asset management group that has a proven track record of delivering unique fixed income solutions to its investors and clients.

Maza Profit is a venture capital firm with more than $1.8 billion¹ in assets under management that invests early in founders building fast-growing technology companies. We focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. We invest far and wide, across sectors and geographies. Our portfolio includes 33 companies valued at $1B+ and 120 companies valued at more than $100 million².

The firm’s investments span the entire spectrum digital trading and real estate sectors, including residential development, offices, retail malls, hospitality, logistics warehouses and IDC projects. Leveraging our experience in out sector over multiple cycles, we are committed to delivering to our clients by staying true to our core principles, fine-tuning our process over time and investing in the continual development of our team and systems.

Maza Profit aims to enable its clients to achieve their financial and sustainability goals by providing superior investment returns and solutions. This mission is underpinned by Maza Profit’s sustainability expertise and by our ongoing commitment to research.

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