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О компании

“We are a provider of opportunity to any investor out there that is trying to make a difference in the way that people look into the financial market by setting an example for all to follow.” Investirex team

Objectives & Vision

  • Our Strategy

Is to establish a strong foundation from which it is well positioned to deliver future growth.

Strategic priorities have to date differentiated, and will continue to differentiate,  from its competitors and be fundamental to future success.

  • Acquire New Customers and retain Active Customers

Own marketing has been and will continue to be the driving force behind New Customer growth within Investirex current markets and potential new jurisdictions.

These innovative marketing initiatives allow Investirex to deploy targeted marketing resources and develop highly effective marketing campaigns through the monitoring and control of customer acquisition spend based on data analytics tools and proprietary algorithms.

  • Increase trading volume from Active Customers on the Trading Platform

Investirex consistent focus on innovation, best-in-class user experience and breadth of offering are the key elements of increasing activity of Active Customers on the Trading Platform. Investirex continued emphasis on innovation will enable it to continue to be amongst the first to market in launching new instruments which customers find desirable, such as high profile, newly listed equities.

  • Increase market share in existing jurisdictions and expand into new jurisdictions

Investirex intends to increase its market share in the jurisdictions in which its offering is currently available and expand its geographic reach over time through entry into new jurisdictions in which it does not currently have customers and by focusing on acquiring New Customers from regulated markets, particularly those New Customers residing in Western European countries.

  • Continue leadership in innovation and Research & Development (“R&D”)

Since its inception, Investirex has put significant emphasis on its technological edge and continuous innovation.

The Company understands the need to develop and deploy new and innovative financial instruments as part of its strategy to continue to build a loyal and engaged customer base.

Investirex is an industry leader within the CFD sector in mobile innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • Continue to optimise our operating model to further drive financial performance

The continued investment in and development of the Marketing Machine will enable Investirex to further enhance its ability to efficiently and cost-effectively acquire New Customers.

The nature of Investirex proprietary technology enables it to expand into new geographies without the need for a physical presence in those markets, which in turn limits the capital expenditure required to increase its geographic reach.

  • Our Vision

To push and be one of the best on the market. Provide a great service and always stay on top of all new technical and technological breakthroughs.

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