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Who Are We?

At first, we were just a pair of amateur traders who didn’t understand much about it. However, we enjoyed investigating as much as we could about new trading strategies and trends. We encountered our fair share of unstable trades, but that didn’t stop us.

As we gained more experience, we felt that we could take our trading journey one step further with a piece of software that could help us optimize our trading skills. We didn’t want to stop trading the traditional way, but we wanted something that could save us time when we were busy with other things.

This is when Immediate Edge came up. We believed that with the right help, we could develop a great app that could teach people how to improve their trading. To achieve this, we hired several passionate traders who had the same goal as us: helping people.

Thanks to years of effort, we can safely say that Immediate Edge is an effective and reliable app that everyone can use to optimize their trading, regardless of their current skill level.

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