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Телефон: + 31 6 53 66 88 10

Адрес: DIAR Trade BV Marksingel 46 4811 NW Breda The Netherlands

О компании

At your service

It’s not about us but it’s about our team, partners in the Far East and our mutual network. Together we not only have years of experience, but we also built up a mutual trust. A trust that has proven itself over the years.

The team and network are at your service.

  • Chinese traders

Several trustworthy traders work together with us in their respective areas of expertise. Traders with whom we have worked for many years.

  • Chinese factories

Via our traders we have come to know many professional factories that each have their own specialty. Factories that maintain high standards of quality, social responsibility and keep their promises. In order to maintain a mutual understanding, we ourselves also visit these factories on a regular basis.

  • Dutch team

Based in the Netherlands, our team is built up around commercial, operational and creative people who have a proven track record in their field of expertise.

  • Expertise

Together we have more than 50 years of experience with product management, monitoring of production processes and import from China in general. Our experience does not only include product and regulatory issues, but also includes social compliancy and work conditions. Also, in the field of creative design, we assist our customers.
We work for international food and non-food retail organizations.

  • Dutch network

Over the years we have built up a network of Dutch partners that assist us, when needed, in different fields of expertise. For instance, design ideas, special requirements of packaging materials, value added logistics, different forms of transport.

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