Cryptomegaoptions (Крипто Мега Оптионс)

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Адрес: C/O Axt Accountants, 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle Cheshire SK8 3GP, Sydney

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At Cryptomegaoptions, we aim to provide you with the best trading conditions, powered by both industry-leading and cutting edge innovative platforms. Our R&D efforts constantly push the boundaries of liquidity and usability to empower you to benefit from a truly exceptional trading environment.

Cryptomegaoptions is a global foregin exchange and cryptocurrencies investment company. Our services range from providing time value investments, full time professional trading, forex, general cryptocurrencies consultation, forex teaching and learning services. Our approach to investment and the foreign exchange market is guided by the philosophy of Global-Capitalism, which is the private sector’s commitment to Global development through long term investments that create economic prosperity and social wealth for individuals without boundaries.

We offer forex trading services and two cryptocurrency investment plans tailored to meet the investment needs for both the high stakers and low earners alike. We offer 2% Returns on Investment (ROI) daily for a duration of 30 days which accumulated to 60% ROI monthly in our Basic Plan, while offering 5% Returns on Investment (ROI) daily for a duration of 30 days which accumulated to 150% ROI monthly in our Compound Plan.

Investment package is subscribed to with strictly cryptocurrencies to enable us create a border-less investment atmosphere, to further foster our trust in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as the future of money. Our instantaneous daily payout is what gives us edge among other competitors. We are just one click away from your wallet.

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